DIY Valentine's Day Countdown Cabinet

A Valentine's Day-themed DIY from Ken Wingard.


  • An old curio cabinet, preferably white (you can also buy these at any craft store- it MUST have a glass door)
  • 14 Little wooden heart jewelry boxes (about 2 inches deep and 3 inches across)
  • Stick on, foam letters (1/2 inch high)
  • Candy colored paint (pastel pinks, blues and orange)- can be spray on or brush on paint
  • Red felt
  • Velcro
  • Foam core
  • Glue


1) Box prep, cut heart shape out of PDF art print out
2) Carefully align and glue graphic art onto glass door
3) Prep inside of cabinet- measure the back, 2 sides and top and bottom of the cabinet, cut matching sized pieces of foam core (note: cut foam core 1/16 inch smaller so there’s enough room to add the felt covering and still have it fit inside
4) Spray glue felt on top of each foam core panel, then glue panels inside cabinet -Take your wooden heart boxes and spray paint or brush on paint and use foam letters to spell out valentine phrases (ken demos sticking on 2 or 3 last letters on heart box)
5) Cut Velcro pieces small enough to fit on back of heart boxes you make sure the Velcro “hook” is facing out so it latches onto the shaggy felt (ken attaches final heart box inside cabinet)

Download Sweetheart PDF

DIY Valentine's Day Countdown Cabinet - Home & Family

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