Orly Shani shows you how to save money and update your wardrobe.


    For Bra

    1) Cut off the old straps from your sports bra and choose your pattern for the pink straps.
    2) Then hand sew one end of the pink straps to the old straps and the other end to the bottom of the bra.

    3) Continue doing this to create your pattern.
    4) Criss crossing or weaving as you go.
    *Make sure you replace the amount of support the bra had before so it's still functional.
    5) Take matching elastic and create a stripe down the side of your plain pants to create a matching set.

    For Reflectors

    1) Trace your letters on the paper back side of the reflector pads and cut them out to create your desired word.
    2) Iron on the letters on your desired location.
    3) With the reflector tape you'll iron that on too. It's basically picking the placement and ironing on the material (avoiding areas that will be stretching or moving a lot)

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