Matt iseman is getting you ready for those warm summer nights by making an DIY outside fire pit using a round wood table top.


  • decorative stones
  • Fire pit Kit
  • gravel
  • construction adhesive
  • lava rocks
  • 3 ft Round wood table top
  • paint
  • tape
DIY Ultimate Fire Pit - Home & Family


1. When picking your wooden tabletop, make sure the round covers your fire pit hole.

2. You can paint/stain the top to whatever color matches your outdoor décor.

3. Once your stain/paint has dried, you can add the game outline.

4. Make sure your squares are big enough to hold whatever your game piece might be
(mason jar caps, actual checkers/chess pieces, etc.)

5. Tape off your stencil and paint the board

6. Peel back tape to reveal finished board

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