Ken Wingard is taking plywood panels and turning them into shutters for your television set.


  • 8 framed prints
  • 4, ¼ inch plywood panels
  • 4, 1x6 pine boards
  • 4, Piano hinges
  • Nails (for box frame)
  • Paint (match your wall)
  • Heavy-duty L-brackets (for hanging)
DIY TV Shutters - Home & Family


1) Measure TV and add at least 2 inches all around

2) Ask your hardware store to cut the wood to size

3) Select prints and frames

4) Nail 4, 1x6 boards to create the box

5) Create 4 equal panels to make shutter top

6) Attach 2 shutter panels with piano hinges along the vertical side

7) Repeat

8) Attach shutters to box with remaining piano hinges

9) Paint with wall color

10) Attach magnetic clasp

11) Hang on L-Brackets

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