Paige Hemmis is getting your home ready for Thanksgiving with this decorative DIY.


  • Grapevine wreath
  • Chunky yarn in Cream
  • Hot glue
  • Mesh fabric/colored burlap in a variety of colors (I used orange, yellow, green, and maroon)
  • Wired edge ribbon
  • Felt in a variety of colors
  • Wreath hanger
  • Wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Fabric scissors
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Googly eyes
  • Cardboard box or foam core
  • OPTIONAL: Any additional embellishments like feathers, decorations, mini-chalkboard sign etc.
  • OPTIONAL: You can use the template provided on the website for the face, feet, etc.

Download Turkey Door Hang PDF

1. Take your grapevine wreath and tie off one end of the chunky yarn to the wreath.

2. Start wrapping your entire wreath with the chunky yarn. When you get to the edges, use the yarn to pull it apart and stretch it to completely cover your wreath. You can use hot glue if needed to secure the yarn to the wreath. This will be the body of your turkey.

3. Lay your wreath on cardboard or foam core and trace with a pencil about 2-3 inches around your wreath at the top half of the wreath. This will be used for securing the decorations you will put being the turnkey to complete his body.

4. Cut out “feathers” from your yellow and orange burlap fabric. (Template available online)

5. Pinch the bottom of the fabric and glue it to the cardboard in a fan formation. Continue doing this until yellow covers the top of the cardboard.

6. Cut the orange burlap using the template and following the same step to add a second row on top of the yellow.

7. Cut a small piece of the mesh and roll it over and glue it in between the burlap.

8. Add feathers wherever you would like and secure with hot glue.

9. Continue adding pieces until you like the look of the back of your turkey.

10. Take your felt and cut out the pieces provided in the template for the head, face, snood, wattle, neck, collar, beak, and feet.

11. Add all of these pieces with hot glue to the body of the turkey.

12. Add the googly eyes to the head.

13. Once everything is on the body, take wire and create a hook on the back of the body. (move 13 to #10)

14. Cut a hole in the cardboard and pull the wire through.

15. Add ribbon if you would like.

16. Hang on a door hanger and enjoy welcoming your friends and family to Thanksgiving with your turkey wreath!


1. When wrapping the wreath, do a tight wrap and then use your hands to spread out the yarn for more coverage.

2. For your mesh and burlap feathers, you can use a pin to hold it in place before you glue it down.

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