Paige Hemmis is making her own fish tank with a fun pirate-theme.


  • (1) 8 x 4 Styrofoam Sheet
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Glue Gun
  • Ruler
  • Paint
  • Wood buttons
  • Pirate/under the sea type décor


1) Cut the Styrofoam sheet to the specifications of your fish tank to create the “treasure chest” base.

2) Use the X-Acto knife to sketch out the design on 3 of the sides.
Use the hot glue gun to assemble the 4 sides (treasure chest cover) together.

3) Use brown and black paint to make treasure chest look.

4) Paint with the black first. Then the brown to create that distressed under the sea chest look.

5) Add wooden buttons along the four sides.

6) Add pirate/under the sea décor inside the tank.

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