DIY Toy Soldier Flower Pots

Maria Provenzano is making a fun kid-friendly DIY project.


  • 4 terra cotta pots
  • 1 flower pot saucer
  • 1 flower pot saucer
  • glue gun
  • paint
  • liquid nails, or similar adhesive
  • detailing such as ribbon, gold scrapbook paper, black paper, etc.
  • paint brushes
  • 2 garden trowels for the arms
Flower Pot Toy Soldiers - Home & Family


1. Paint one terra-cotta pot white, one red, one a skin tone color, and one black

2. Paint the flower pot saucer black

3. Allow to dry completely

4. Glue the parts together starting with the black saucer for the feet white pot for the legs, the red pot for the body, part for the face, and the black pot for the hat

5. Allow the pots to dry completely before moving too much

6. Use the paint and paint brushes to create the face onto the peach flower pot

7. Glue the garden trowels on the sides for the arms

8. Add any detailing you like to create the finishing touches to the toy soldier; most items can be put on with a hot glue gun

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