Paige Hemmis is showing you a variety of ways to use old towels.

DIY Towel Projects - Home & Family

A. Bath Mat

1. Choose the size of bath mat that you would like. They range in size, so pick the best size for your bathroom. I’ll be doing 24” x 40”.
2. Cut the non-slip mat in the size you want.
3. With your scissors, cut the towels into thin strips…thinner is better! I cut mine about a ¼” inches wide, and about 5” long (remember these will get smaller once put through the mat). Use can use one color, or alternate colors to give the mat a more textured (and expensive) look.
4. Put each strip through a hole in the mat and knot each one equally. Depending on how thick your towel was, you can do this for every hole in the mat, or you can skip ever other one. Either will look great!
5. Complete this step until the entire mat is done.
6. Voila! Lay it in your bathroom and enjoy your new bath mat!

B. Doggie Chew Toy

1. Choose the size of chew toy you would like. If you have a small pup, consider making a thinner, shorter toy. If you pups are big like mine (2 labs 80 lbs. each), then go big or go home! I’ll be making mine 24” long out of three different color towels.
2. Cut three strips (one of each color of towel) about 2 ½” wide.
3. Start by making a knot at one end connecting all three pieces of towel. Double knot this so puppy pulling won’t damage the structural integrity (yes…even in chew toys this is important!)
4. Using a simple, regular braid technique, braid the three strips tightly all the way until the end.
5. Tie a similar knot on this end of the toy.
6. Voila! Play with your pup with their new toy….out of your old towels!

C. Mop Cover

1. Using the diagram, cut your towel fabric to size.
2. Add Velcro to the designated side like the diagram.
3. Wrap your current mop and enjoy your new washable and affordable mop cover!

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