DIY Tissue Paper Fireworks

It’s not the 4th of July without fireworks so Maria Provenzano is bringing them into our home décor with DIY Tissue Paper Fireworks.


  • Tissue paper in desired colors
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Thumbtacks or gel adhesive tabs


  • Twine


  1. Cut the tissue paper into squares. Stack the paper then measure and mark from one corner the width you want the fireworks to be. Fold the corner on a diagonal then trim along the edge to remove any excess paper.
  2. Stack about 6 squares of tissue paper then accordion fold the stack in about 1”-2” sections. PRO TIP: The bigger the square, the larger the folds should be.
  3. Staple the folded paper in the center to secure.
  4. Cut slits into the edges of the folded paper with scissors to create the fringe effect.
  5. If you want to hang these from a garland or the ceiling, tie twine off in the center where the staples are now.
  6. Fluff the fireworks out by pulling apart the layers of tissue paper.
  7. Hang as desired and enjoy!
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