Maria Provenzano is showing you a variety of creative ways to make tissue box covers.

Materials for Sequin Tissue Box

  • Reversible sequin box
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Plain tissue box

Materials for Mirror Tissue Box

  • Plain tissue box
  • Silver paint
  • Paint brush
  • Self-adhesive mirrored mosaic tiles/squares

Materials for Marble Tissue Box

  • Plain tissue box
  • Marble contact paper
  • Copper contact paper

Directions for Sequin Tissue Box

1. Take your fabric & lay it out to make sure it will cover all 4 sides of your box.
2. Then cut to size.
3. Cut your corners out, so you can just fold up straight.
4. Then secure fabric on the inside of your box with hot glue.
5. Step & repeat for all 4 sides.
6. For the hole at the top -cut slits into it & then hot glue the slits to the inside of the tissue box.

Directions for Mirror Tissue Box

1. The first thing you’re going to do is take your silver paint & paint on the silver paint
2. Let box dry
3. Once dry take your self-adhesive mirrored mosaic tiles/squares & remove the backing so the sticky side is exposed
4. Place tiles onto the box as you please!

Directions for Marble Tissue Box
1. The first thing you’re going to do is measure your marble contact paper to make sure is fits around the whole box
2. Then lay out your marble paper & line up your box in the middle
3. Cut slits from the box corners to the edge of the paper
4. Then just fold up the papers straight onto the side of the boxes
5. For the copper create & cut shapes you’d like to on your box from the copper paper
6. Then stick on!

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