Ken Wingard is putting a modern and playful spin on the Three Wise Men with an adorable kid-friendly DIY using Crayola Signature Acrylic Paint.
DIY Three Wise Men
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DIY Three Wise Men - Home & Family


  • Various wooden finials, candlesticks or turned wood pieces
  • Crayola signature acrylic paint set
  • Crayola signature pearlescent paint markers
  • Artist paintbrushes
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks, wood glue or e6000
  • Optional:
    • Additional white paint


  1. Stack the wooden pieces to create the shape of the body, head and hat for each wise man.
  2. Glue the pieces in place. Hot glue will work well, but for a long-lasting strong hold use a more heavy-duty glue, like wood glue or e6000. Allow the glue to dry before painting. Wood glue or e600 will need about 24 hours to set all the way.
  3. Add a basecoat of white paint to the entire surface of each wooden stack. Allow to dry.
  4. Paint the base colors for the clothes and face using the Crayola signature acrylic paint set, allow the paint to dry. PRO TIP: Mix paints together to create custom colors. Adding a pinch of black to darken and white to lighten.
  5. Paint on the hair and face details as well as the hands and any other details you’d like with the acrylic paint.
  6. Add intricate details like the whites of the eyes and metallic elements with the Crayola signature pearlescent paint markers. Make sure the paint is dry before you apply the markers. Allow the paint from the markers to completely dry.
  7. Arrange into your décor and enjoy!

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