DIY Thanksgiving Kid’s Table: Corn On The Cob Place Cards

How do we make the Corn On The Cob Place Cards?
Heather says it's really simple but setting up a table where all of the kids can make these is key. Set up the craft in "sections" for them so they can go easily from step to step.
• Trace oval onto construction paper • Cut out oval to make "cob" shape • Dip finger into finger paint • Press fingerprints onto cob to make the corn kernels • Cut a piece of green construction paper into an oval shape and cut in half • Write child’s name on the green husk with markers • Attach husk to cob with double sided tape • Stash baby wipes near by to clean up messy fingers in a flash • Pre-cut paper for kids under 6, let older kids cut their own • Break up crafts with multiple steps to keep kids occupied • Substitute markers for crayons- less mess Get more from Heather Rash at Westside Nannies