Make your own tea blend with a little extra decor for your tea party with this DIY.
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  • round coffee filters; disposable tea filter bags can be used as well
  • thread or string
  • loose leaf tea
  • mod melt sticks in white
  • mod melt molds
  • mod melter or glue gun
  • scissors
  • toothpicks
  • stapler


  1. Place the white mod melt stick in the mod melter and heat up.
  2. Once heated up, squeeze the mod melt into the mod melt mold of choice.
  3. While the mold is still melted and hot, cut a piece of string and place it onto the mold, add a bit more of the mod melt on top of the string if needed.
  4. Allow to harden, this can take about 15 minutes depending on the size of the mold.
  5. Remove the mold and paint as desired.
  6. You can also use a toothpick to move the melted mod melt once poured into the mold, to help cover the entire design if needed. L3: Use a toothpick to move the melted mod melt to help cover the entire design.
  7. Use scissors to cut off any excess material on the design.
  8. To make the DIY tea bags, use a round coffee filter, fold it in half and cut off the rounded edge.
  9. Open back up and pour desired amount of loose leaf tea into the center.
  10. Fold in half again, and roll a few times where the edge meets to create a long rectangle.
  11. Fold the rectangle in half, keeping the tea at the bottom of the fold.
  12. Fold the top part, where the two ends meet, a few time to create a cleanly folded top of the tea bag; this will create a small rectangular shape that looks like a normal size tea bag.
  13. Place the string onto the tea bag, and use a stapler to attach it, which also will hold the tea bag together.
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