Maria Provenzano shows you a creative way to make a show-stopping fixture to light up your home decor.


  • Super glue
  • Floral/Macramé hoops (Various sizes: 6”, 10”, 14”)
  • Tassels
  • Scissors
  • Chains (small and large sizes)
  • Optional: Bulb kit & light bulb
DIY Tassel Chandelier - Home & Family


1. Tie tassel to floral hoop, secure with glue

2. Trim excess string on top

3. Repeat until hoop is fully covered

4. Continue with other size hoops

5. Connect tiers with chain, making sure that the tassels slightly overlap

6. Attach larger chain to largest hoop

7. Optional: Add bulb kit and light bulb

8. Hang and enjoy!

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