Orly Shani has DIY tank top straps to liven up your summer attire.


1. Use seam ripper to remove current strap. If original strap is sewn on too tight, cut strap off.

2. Once strap is removed, use it to measure length of new strap. Include a half inch extra at both ends.

  • NOTE: If straps on tank top are needed to support top, sew straps on. If straps are decorative, you can use fabric glue.

3. If using fabric glue, place new straps in same area as old straps, adhere with fabric glue and hold in place with clothes pin.

4. If using sewing machine, pin strap in place. Then, using the same color thread, sew along the original line.

  • NOTE: Pom poms or other fringe decor should face outward

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