Daniel Kucan and Dan Kohler team up for a unique DIY!


  • Terra Cotta Clay Pots (Nesting Sizes, A, B, C can be 18in x 20in, 13in x 12in and 12x10 or similar. Just make sure pots B & C can rest rim to rim within pot A)
  • 2 Cement Tiles (about 2-3inches high and 4-6in square)
  • Lava Rocks
  • Coarse Grade Vermiculite
  • Cutting and Drilling Tools
  • Masonry Tile Bit
  • Mesquite Charcoal


  1. Drill holes in the bottom of 3 pots
  2. Saw the bottom off pot C and retain as lid (with hole in it)
  3. Select clear spot in yard or driveway with at least 10ft of clearance all around (note: it will be heavy to move after assembled so place it where you want to use it)
  4. Set Pot A on cement tiles to elevate about 2 or 3 inches off ground
  5. Line bottom of Pot A with Lava rocks
  6. Place Pot B on rocks
  7. Fill void around pots with Vermiculite
  8. Place Pot C, rim down on Pot B (they should fit fairly securely)
  9. Layer more lava rocks around top
  10. Place severed bottom of Pot C on top as a lid

To use:

  1. Layer bottom of Pot B with mesquite charcoal and light
  2. Brush vegetables and meat lightly with olive oil if desired and arrange bite sized pieces on extra long, wooden BBQ skewers
  3. When coals are hot, lay skewers of meat and vegetables in Pot C
  4. Bite size pieces of vegetables and meat should cook in under 5 minutes
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: Use caution when handling skewers near heat and wear long padded oven mitts for protection
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