DIY Talking Head with Ken Wingard


  • Styrofoam Head
  • Standard projector
  • Black fabric
  • DVD player or Computer


  1. First you want to get black fabric and pin it against the wall for a black backdrop. Then, you need someone to stand against the black wall and make sure all their hair is pulled back and they are covered with a black piece of fabric.
  2. Record that person with your iPhone up against the black wall and have them say spooky things that will be uploaded into your computer.
  3. After you upload the recording onto your computer or projector, make sure you place it on a loop setting and starting adjusting it so that the image from your computer aims directly onto the styrofoam head. Your styrofoam head should be placed directly across from your computer and it can be placed on top of something for height. Make sure to decorate the surrounding area and create a spooky dark feel to the room. Dark fabrics are always good and you can add candles, spiders, and spider webs. You can also dress up your styrofoam head with a wig.

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