• 1” Wooden blocks
  • Black plastic plant holders (these come with small flowers and plants)
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Lock tight aquarium glue
  • Live plants
  • Potting soil
  • Large wood serving tray
  • Heavy duty plastic roll
  • Succulents or similar plants
  • Glass tea pot
  • Glass tea cups
  • Aquarium
  • Small water fountain pump
  • Fountain tubes
  • Scissors
  • Wooden shims
  • Large bowl
  • River rock
  • Moss
  • OPTIONAL: Artificial florals
  • OPTIONAL: Pots for the larger plants
DIY Tabletop Relaxation Fountain - Home & Family

1. Take your wood tray and line it with the plastic sheeting. You can secure it with hot glue set at a low temperature.

2. Set your large bowl in the middle of the tray and secure it with hot glue and aquarium glue.

Note: if the plastic sheet slips, cut a small hole where the bowl touches the tray and hot glue the bowl directly onto the tray.

3. Optional: add artificial flowers to the tea pot using hot glue and aquarium glue – let this set up overnight.

4. Using the wood blocks, hot glue them together to create height to hold your tea pot. This will be the top of the fountain.

5. Hot glue shims together to create a tipped base for the tea pot to sit on.

6. Hot glue the tea pot onto the shims. Assure that it is at a good angle to pour water out.

7. Using your hot glue and wood blocks, create another few levels for our tea cups. Again, assure they are tipped at an angle. Or…use the plastic plant trays to build height and use a low setting on the glue gun to put them together.

8. In the bottom bowl, set the base of the fountain motor.

9. Add tubing to the fountain and run it up to the tea pot.

10. Test that the fountain works correctly by adding some water to the bowl and plug in the fountain. It should run up the back in the tubing into the tea pot and all of the tea cups.

11. Once you’ve tested that this works, add river rocks to cover the fountain motor.

12. Add succulents and other plants around your structure using the potting soil. use this opportunity to camouflage the wood blocks and tubing, etc. For the larger plants, you may want to get decorative pots. I got rustic ones to blend in with the plant life.

13. Add water in your base bowl, plug in your fountain and enjoy your tabletop relaxation fountain!

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