Orly Shani is giving you a stylish DIY using a sweater.


  • Sweater with a high neckline
  • sharp scissors
  • fabric glue (optional)

DIY Sweater Choker - Home & Family


1) cut a hole underneath the neckline

2) cut along the front, underneath the neckline, doesn’t have to be perfect, you can trim off excess later, smooth out the shirt

3) Cut a straight line down the middle line of the shirt, about 2-3 inches…. Be cautious here, if you cut too deep, you can’t take it back

4) Fold in the seams to create a V-neck

5) Try on the shirt to see if you like the depth of the V-neck

6) You can either cut off the excess or fold it in and sew it or use fabric glue

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