Maria Provenzano has a fun kid-friendly DIY to keep the whole family entertained!


  • Damp sand
  • Frame or shadowbox, at least ½ inch deep
  • Cardboard
  • Shells or any other details
DIY Summer Sand Impressions - Home & Family


1. Remove the backing of the frame
2. Place the empty frame face down over a piece of cardboard (or even the back of the frame works as well) this step helps to keep everything inside the frame to look clean and even
3. Fill the frame with sand and make sure the sand is packed evenly and flat
4. Make a hand print
5. Mix the Plaster of Paris and pour it over the entire frame
6. Allow to sit until dried; depending on weather, this could take multiple hours
7. Lift the frame once the plaster has hardened and you are set!


1. Work on a covered surface
2. If you want to do this at the beach you do not have to do the first step of placing cardboard under the frame since you would put the frame directly in the sand
3. If doing this at the beach, bring the Plaster of Paris in a bag and mix in a plastic bag at the beach by adding water
4. If you do not want to have the prints framed you can simply do just the print itself or you can line the frame with plastic and it will be easily removed when the plaster of paris dries

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