Ken Wingard is using wire hanging baskets and succulents and turning them into a stylish decoration for your house.


  • (2) Wire hanging baskets
  • Chain
  • Hook
  • Soilless potting mix
  • Plywood
  • Wire
  • Succulents
DI Succulent Balls - Home & Family


1. Fill the baskets with the soilless potting mix, pack tightly.
2. Place a piece of plywood over top of 1st basket, flip over onto the top of the 2nd basket forming a ball.

3. Pull out the plywood so the soil stays in place.

4. Wire the baskets together at center around entire ball.

5. Make a small hole in the center between where the wire basket pieces cross.

6. Squeeze the succulents into the small hole. Repeat across entire ball.

7. Have chain pre-cut at hardware store to the correct length where you will hang your plant.

8. Hang and enjoy!

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