Paige Hemmis is taking your favorite poster using it to decorate your dresser.


  • Dresser
  • Spray Paint
  • Poster (or image you print)
  • Ruler
  • Craft Knife
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Mod Podge

"Under the Sea" Paint Theme

  • Dresser
  • Light/Medium/Dark Blue Spray Paint
  • White Paint
  • Various Sized Cups
  • Paint Brush


1. Take knobs off (Keeps them clean from paint)

2. Spray or paint the entire dresser with your favorite design. We went with an “Under the Sea” theme (Steps below)

3. Measure the size of the sides of each drawer so that you know what the total size of your image should be.

4. Find the image you want and size it up to equal the same size as your drawer’s sides combined. If need be, send it to your local print shop to print out in an accurate size.

5. Divide your image by the amount of drawers that you have.

6. Cut the image out using a craft knife.

7. Attach the images to the drawer using spray adhesive. If you spray both the image and the dresser, it should be a permanent hold.

8. Optional - use mod podge or spray polyurethane over the image to secure it in place even more permanently.

“Under the Sea” Paint Theme:

1. Paint the entire dresser with medium tone blue spray paint

2. In short bursts, spray the dark blue spray paint from the bottom portion of the dresser, upward. This will ombre from the bottom of the dresser up to the medium colors. This it the "deep ocean."

3. In short bursts, spray the light spray paint randomly across the dresser. This creates an "ocean current" across the dresser.

4. Use various size cups, dipped in white paint, to add bubbles all the way around the dresser. Take a small artist’s brush and make a small curved “bubble” shaped small arc on the inside of each bubble.

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