Ken Wingard is making your backyard look beautiful with this outdoor DIY.


  • Large Leaf (Elephant Ears or Rhubarb, or any big leaf with thick veins)
  • 4 x 18” 2x4s for frame
  • 18” x 18” Wood Plywood (for back of frame)
  • Play Sand
  • High Strength Quick Concrete Mix
  • Plastic Bucket for Concrete Mixing
  • ½# Fencing Mesh
  • Clear Masonry Sealer


1. Build square frame using 2x4s and attach plywood back.
2. Fill with play sand and spread evenly.
3. Lay large leaf in center and push down.
4. Build sand up around the edges of the leaf.
5. Mix concrete in plastic bucket per instructions.
6. Pour concrete onto leaf, about 1” thick.
7. Cut out ½” fencing the size of leaf and lay on concrete.
8. Build up sand around edges of leaf once more.
9. Pour another 1” of concrete on leaf.
10. Set aside to cure for 24 hours
11. Remove from sand and peel off leaf.
12. Coat with clear masonry sealer (or paint)

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