A fun DIY from Mark Steines and Matt Iseman.


  • 1 plywood tabletop 1 1/2 foot wide by 6 feet long (store bought or made)
  • 3 - 2'x4' x 3/4"plywood panels
  • 2- 2'" wood dowels cut to 41" long
  • 2 - 4" PVC pipe cut to 16" long
  • Wood glue
  • Hammer and finish nails or nail gun
  • 6 right angle brackets
  • Paint of choice

DIY Star Wars Bar - Home & Family

Directions for Body Creation

(Measurements based on average bar height of 42’’)

1. Cut two 6" strips off of one 2 x 4 panel. Leaving one 12" panel and two 6 inch ones. (see build plan)

2. Cut all pieces based on and assemble with glue and nails.

Directions for Wings

1. The wings are made from one 2’ x 4' panel, Measure 15" from top of one side and 15" from bottom of one side.

2. Intersect the points and cut along that line.

3. At ends of each wing piece glue and attach 41" x 2" dowels vertically to ends. (similar to X-wing guns) these will also be bar top supports.

4. Attach wings to main body.

5. Using right angle "L" brackets, attach wings to side of main body.

6. Mount top to base,

7. Paint all with "Star Wars" feel.

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