Paige Hemmis creates an adorable last-minute gift.


  • Empty 2-liter soda bottle
  • X-Acto or craft knife
  • Christmas fabric ½ yard
  • Tape
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fur trim
  • Burlap ribbon 1” wide
  • Foam core or cardboard
  • Marker
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Christmas embellishments
  • Goodies to fill the stockings with.


  1. Cut your fabric into a piece measuring 22” x 8”
  2. Cut your burlap ribbon at 22”
  3. Remove the label from your empty 2-liter bottle and make sure that you rinse it out so it’s not sticky.
  4. From the bottom of the bottle, measure up 2.5”. Mark this all the way around your bottle.
  5. Insert your craft knife where you marked the bottle and cut all the way around, so you are left with two pieces. Set the bottom piece aside.
  6. Measure 5 inches up on the larger piece and mark it with a marker.
  7. Cut this all the way around in the same manner. Save the large cylinder from the middle section and discard the top section.
  8. On your foam core or cardboard, set the large piece down and set the bottom piece upside down in front of it. This will make the bottom of your stocking or boot.
  9. Take a marker and trace around both pieces.
  10. Remove both pieces from the foam core and cut out the marked areas with an X-Acto knife or craft knife.
  11. Set the 2 bottle pieces back on the cut-out foam core piece and attach the bottle to the foam core with pieces of tape, secure it from the bottle sides down under the bottom of the foam core.
  12. Take the fabric and center it in front of the stocking. Wrap this around and secure at the back of the boot with hot glue.
  13. Go back around the bottom of the boot and secure in several places with hot glue.
  14. Fold the front of fabric over the boot and secure with hot glue.
  15. Fold the top of the fabric in the boot.
  16. Take the piece of burlap ribbon and glue it around the bottom of the boot and secure in the back with hot glue.
  17. Take the fur trim and fold it over the top of the boot. Secure with hot glue.
  18. Add Christmas embellishments to the front of the stocking.
  19. Fill your stocking with treats and enjoy!

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