Paige Hemmis is showing you how to put together a decorative book cover using rubber and silicone stamps.


  • Different colored butcher paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or straight edge for creasing
  • Books
  • Rubber and silicone stamps
  • Ink pad in black and red (5”x7” if you can find them)
  • Clear acrylic stamping blocks
  • Twine, string, leather (anything you want to use for a tie)
  • Décor for the top like greenery, flowers, charms, etc.
  • Double-sided tape

1. First, lay your butcher paper down on a flat surface. Lay your book on top of it and open the book so that the front and back are completely stretched out. Lift the top and bottom of the paper and almost pinch it at the top and bottom of the book.
2. Remove the book from the paper. The “pinch” that you gave it will be your guide to fold the paper. Fold the top and bottom over and crease the fold with a pen or a ruler (anything you have to help you make a straight line).
3. Set the book back on the folded paper. Make sure that your folds are slightly bigger than your book. You can always start over if your fold wasn’t perfect.
4. Open the back cover of the book and using your finger, bend up the paper where the edge of the book is (you will want about 2-3 inches excess on each side).
5. Remove the book and crease your fold.
6. Replace the book and insert the back cover into your folds. Once that’s done, with the back still attached, do the same on the front side of the book. DONE!

1. Lay out what you would like your books to say, and where you would like your words to appear on the book (aka – middle, right side, left side). It looks best if you use the same orientation for all three books.
2. If using a rubber stamp, did it into the ink pad, then holding the book stead, apply the stamp to the spine of the covered book.
3. If using an acrylic block, add your saying to the block, then dip it into the ink and press it on the spine of your book.

1. Using double-sided tape, tape each book together with the biggest book on the bottom, and smaller as you add the next two. This helps keep them together when you are tying them up.
2. Use your twine, leather, string to tie the books together.
3. Add decorations to the top.

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