DIY Squirt Gun Painting and DIY Sun Catcher

Jill Whelan and son Grant stop by Home & Family to show off two kid-friendly DIY’s!

DIY Squirt Gun Painting

This one I love and the kids love too! Squirt gun painting. All you need are
plastic water guns that you fill each one with a different color water color paint.
Then you set up either on an easel or with clothes pins and rope some white sheets of watercolor paper and you shoot the paint onto the paper and you get a fun design.

DIY Sun Catcher
School just ended yesterday and camp doesn’t start for a bit so every mom is in
that place of “what do I do?!” The kids wake up at 7am and by 7:15 you get “Mom,
I’m bored!” So I always like to have some quick and easy things on hand.
These are “sun catchers” we made them the other night. You take beads and make
them into different shapes- you can use cookie cutters or muffin tins and make
designs, bake them in the oven and you get these cool sun catchers that you can turn
into a wind chime or something else.

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