Maria Provenzano is making a beautiful springtime DIY.


  • Lanterns
  • foam cones
  • glue gun
  • wire cutters
  • serrated knife
  • faux flowers and moss
DIY Floral Lanterns - Home & Family


1) Cut the foam cone to whatever size will fit into the lantern using the serrated knife

2) Use the wire cutters to cut the flowers so they have a shorter stem that can be used to stick into the foam cone

3) Start with the larger flowers first, and place them randomly around the cone by poking the stem into the come, these can also be secured with a cool glue gun

4) Then, fill in spaces with smaller flowers and leaves from the faux flowers until you achieve the look you like

5) A cool glue gun can also be used to secure the flowers and leaves onto the foam

6) Place moss inside the lantern around the inside edges; this step is optional since the lanterns look good with or without the moss

7) Place the flower covered cone in the center of the lantern

8) Display! This could be used as a beautiful centerpiece for a wedding, bridal shower, or any party, since the flowers can adjusted to whatever color scheme you like

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