Ken Wingard is making a fun holiday decoration to hang up in your home.


  • 6 ft wooden post
  • 1 wood cap
  • 1 wooden round
  • 4 scrolled L brackets
  • 6 ½ x 4 inch wood planks
  • Printed designs and lettering of your choice
  • Paint and brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Flush mount hangers
  • Wood screws or nails
DIY South Pole Crossing Sign - Home & Family

1. Paint wood post, let dry.
2. Attach wood cap to top of post.
3. Center post on plywood round.
4. Take 4 scrolled L brackets, attach to base with nails or screws.
5. To make base more secure if need be, drill holes in the round and stake pole into the ground.
6. Paint planks or leave raw.
7. Using a jigsaw, cut planks into desired shapes, or leave plain.
8. Print sign designs on paper.
9. Decoupage designs onto wood with Mod Podge, scrape out bubbles, let dry.
10. Attach flush mount hangers to the back of the signs an onto the pole in desired locations.
11. Hang signs on pole.

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