A Valentine's Day DIY from Sophie Uliano.

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1. Cut a length of cotton rope 10-12" long.

2. Knot each end

3. Mark a circle on the top of a tennis ball with a marker (the size of a quarter)

4. Use a craft knife to cut out the circle

5. Make up the perfume: (See Recipe)

6. Place one drop of oil in each tennis ball.

7. Melt Nature's Garden Shea butter Melt N Pour soap into the microwave (About

4 squares per tennis ball

8. Mix in the oil and 3 drops of Nature's garden red or blue soap dye.

9. Carefully pour into the hole in the top of the tennis ball.

10. Poke the knotted ends of the rope through the hole into melted soap.

11. Leave to set up for 15 minutes and then check (you may want to re-melt and add

a little more soap, as the level will drop)

12. Leave to set up overnight.

13. Use your craft knife to very carefully cut away tennis ball.

Perfume Recipe

Men’s Spice:

1 tsp of the each of the following essential oils: vetiver, clove, cedarwood, sandalwood. (you can also use just 4 tsp of sandalwood or vetiver)


·4 tsp Jasmine essential oil

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