Orly is a cut about with her DIY Snowflake T-shirts.


  • Thin T-shirt
  • Fabric scissors
  • Straight pins


1. Separate the back of your shirt from the front by pinching it at the center of the bottom hem and neckline, then lay flat with the side seams in the middle. Make sure all of the seams are aligned like the side, bottom and armhole seams.

2. Find the center of your snowflake, this should be a few inches above the center of your shirt, so it’s properly placed on your back. Fold the shirt lengthwise at the desired center height.

3. From the bottom corner on the fold, fold the shirt again into a narrow triangle like a “pizza slice.”

4. Fold the shirt one more time to create a smaller “pizza slice.”

5. Pin with straight pins to secure while working.

6. Take your fabric scissors and cut out the tip of your “pizza” with a rounded curve.

7. Alternating sides cut triangles or circles into the sides of your “pizza slice,” leaving 1-2 inches in between each cut.

8. Unpin, unfold and enjoy!

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