Actor Dylan Neal is making a fun and festive DIY shelf.


  • Wood Board (1x4)
  • Chop Saw or Miter Saw
  • Nail Gun
  • Wood Glue
  • White Paint (Optional)
DIY Snowflake Shelf - Home & Family


1. Cut a piece of 1x4 wood to be 35” long, 4 pieces 17” long, 12 pieces 6” long, and 12 pieces 3 ½” long.

2. Use a chop or miter saw to make a 30 degree angled cut at one end of each 17” and 3 ½” long pieces of wood.

3. For the 6” long pieces of wood, make a 30 degree angled cut on each end. Make sure the cuts are parallel to each other.
TIP: Assemble your snowflake on your work table prior to actually attaching it. This way you can make sure all pieces will fit correctly.

4. Attach two 17” pieces to the center of the 35” piece with wood glue. For additional support
also use a nail gun.

5. Repeat this with the other two 17” pieces on the other side of the 35” long wood.

6. To make the triangle that will fill the body of the snowflake, take two 6” long pieces and
glue them together. Use a nail gun for additional support.

7. Glue and nail your 6 triangles to the body of your snowflake.

8. Attach 3 ½” long pieces towards the edge 6 pieces of wood extending out with glue and
use a nail gun for additional support.

9. Leave snowflake as is or apply a white coat.

10. To hang, you can attach a piece of twine to the snowflake and hang from there. You can
also drill holes into the back of the snowflake and hang it directly onto nails installed in the wall.

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