Kristin Smith is celebrating baby with this DIY.


  • white and colored embroidery thread 
  • Shoe laces 
  • 3 sheets of felt, all different colors (One will be your shoe, one will be your shoe outline and one will be the background)
  • Glue gun or fabric glue 
  • Paper
  • Pencil 
  • Scissors
  • **optional: grommets & grommet tool
DIY Shoelace Cards - Home & Family


1. Trace the outline of shoes on a piece of paper (using pencil)

2. Trace another outline of shoes and freehand draw your own shoe flaps (the two sides of the shoe that you will lace together) and the top of the shoe

3. Cut out pattern for shoes, flaps, and top

4. Pin your pattern to a piece of felt and cut out felt pieces

5. Use embroidery thread and needle to sew along the outside of your shoe sole.

6. Attach/sew your top piece on the sole as well as your flaps (key: only fasten flaps to shoe
on the outside so the flaps can be free to open and close.)

7. Optional: attached grommet you think grandma tool

8. Using glue gun (or fabric glue), attach shoe to white shoe platform (you'd need to cut
slightly larger than your shoe) and attach to background sheet of felt to complete

9. Attach shoe to background sheet of felt

10. Weave in laces and tie away!

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