DIY Sherpa Bear Placemats

Orly Shani is making adorable cozy and soft DIY Fuzzy Bear Placemats with one of our favorite winter fabrics.
DIY Sherpa Bear Placemats
Kids, Home Decor
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  • Shearling fabric in two colors like white and camel brown
  • Download templates here
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabri-tac
  • Fabric chalk or marker
  • Ruler
  • Paper scissors
  • Optional:
    • Existing placemats


  1. Print the templates and cut them out with paper scissors. (Download templates here)
  2. Trace bear head template onto the wrong, not fuzzy, side of the lighter fabric. Trace then cut out with fabric scissors. PRO TIP: You can make the darker fabric the base color instead of the light if desired, just cut the details out of the lighter fabric then.
  3. Trace the detail templates onto the wrong, not fuzzy side of the darker fabric and cut out. PRO TIP: Again, you can make the lighter fabric the details, just make the head and paw out of the darker fabric then.
  4. Glue the ear details in place on the right, fuzzy side of the fabric of the head.
  5. To finish the paw utensil holder, fold the fabric in half right, fuzzy side facing out and glue the bottom and open side together, leave the top open.
  6. Glue the paw details onto the utensil holder.
  7. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours, set these placemats on top of your existing placemats or just down on the table. PRO TIP: The shearling will cling to the fabric of the placemat and stay in place, so you don’t have to glue to your existing placemats!
  8. Set the table and enjoy!

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