Ken Wingard is putting together a sentimental DIY to display your favorite book.


  • Book
  • Shadow Box
  • Scanner/Printer
  • Foam Core
  • Hot Glue
  • Spray Glue
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Photos
  • Push Pins
  • Optional: Other decorations to match the theme of the book
DIY Shadow Box Book Display - Home & Family


*The directions can vary based on your own design and book theme

1. First we scanned a few important features of the book that we found interesting or important: book cover, signatures, pictures, text paragraphs or quotes.

2. Print these different features, blowing up any that you really want to emphasize.

3. Spray glue all of these to foam core to give it a stronger backing.

4. Cut out the photos on foam core with an x-acto blade.

5. Use push pins to secure your book into the shadow box without damaging it.

6. Hot glue the photos and interesting features that you liked around the box.

7. Tip: To create different “layers” in the box, add small pieces of stacked foam core to the back of the photos.

8. Add any extra details to the box that match your story - example: Black Beauty - pieces of rope

9. Hang away from direct sunlight, and enjoy!

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