Shirley Bovshow is showing you how simple it is to build your own bottle garden.


  • Large bottle with cover that has neck large enough to push plants through
  • Funnel
  • Horticultural charcoal
  • Pea gravel
  • Potting soil
  • Landscape fabric or weed cloth
  • Small 2"- 4" inch container houseplants that need high humidity- example: ferns, air plants, Pilea, Peperomia, creeping ficus.
  • Makeshift gardening tools: Long bamboo stick with spoon or fork taped to the end
  • Accessories: Mosses, twigs, branches, tumbled glass, different decorative gravel
  • Watering can

DIY Sealed Bottle Garden - Home & Family


1. Using a funnel, fill the bottom of the bottle with a layer of pea gravel and horticultural charcoal.

2. Cut a circle of landscape fabric or weed cloth, about the diameter of the bottle. Lay it flat
across the layer of gravel and charcoal. (You can roll it up through the neck of the bottle to fit,
then unravel inside)

3. Using the funnel, add a layer of potting soil. This should be deep enough to cover the roots
of your plants.

4. Gently add your plants through the neck of the bottle and cover the roots. I made a
makeshift gardening tool by taping a plastic fork to a bamboo stick.

5. Add accessories as needed.

6. Use a turkey baster to water lightly around each individual plant.

7. Seal your bottle up and enjoy your terrarium for decades!

*You should see condensation on the bottle in the morning and night. If condensation is 24/7,
open the bottle for a few minutes for excess water to escape. Close again and don’t add more water unless you don’t see condensation anymore!

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