Orly Shani shows you how to make stylish summer curtains out of scarves.


  • Scarves
  • Additional fabric of choice
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Rings/Clip attachments
  • Scissors

1. Lay out different scarves and pieces of fabric.

2. Pin different fabric together.

3. Cut any excess fabric.

4. Perform a French seam (Orly shows how to create a clean finish on both sides of curtains).

5. Give yourself a small seam allowance on the edge of the scarf.

6. Press the scarf with an iron on the ironing board.

7. Flip the scarves in order to sew the 2 sides together.

8. Use the iron again to make sure the fabric is flat.

9. You will now have a clean hem on both sides of the scarves.

10. Sew together remaining scarves to create your full curtain.

11. Run one final hem on the edge of curtain for a clean finish to the edges.

12. Use rings with clip attachments to easily hang from a rod.

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