Author and Host of “The Knit Show,” Vicky Howl has a Christmas macrame DIY project.


  • 8” Macrame hoop (embroidery hoop will work, too!)
  • 1 ball each Big Twist Yarns Natural Blend, in colors: Winter White and Scarlet -- or equivalent chunky-weight yarn
  • Scissors
  • Craft felt
  • Pompom
  • Hot glue & gun
DIY Santa Wall Hanging - Home & Family


Step 1:
Hold 3 strands of Winter White yarn together, cut to 40”. Tie yarn onto top of hoop using the Larks Head Knot as follows:

1a. Fold strands in half to form a loop; slide loop under hoop top.
1b. Feed tails over hoop top and through loop.
1c. Pull to close knot. You’ll now how a hanging yarn strand bunch.

Repeat this process across top of hoop, six times total (or until you’re satisfied with coverage.)

Step 2:
Tie 4 strands from hanging bunches at a time onto hoop bottom using the Half Hitch Knot as follows:

2a. Wrap yarn bunch over and around hoop bottom.
2b. Feel tails through loop creating by wrapping.
2c. Pull to close knot.


Step 3:
Cut 26” strand of Scarlet yarn. Using the Larks Head Knot (above), tie yarn onto top of hoop (nestling the Scarlet knots amongst the winter white), but let the strands hang in the opposite direction. Repeat process six times total.

Knot all hat strands together to form hat shape.

Step 4:
Make a white pompom (using your favorite method). Hot glue to top-knot of hat.

Step 5:
Tie an additional piece of yarn for hanger to hat knot.

Step 6:

Trim bottom hanging strands to desired beard shape. Unravel yarn strands to create wavy beard.

Step 7:
Freeform cut Santa eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and mustache from craft felt. Hot glue into place.

Vickie Howell is the Creator and Host of The Knit Show with Vickie Howell. For more, great yarn-lover’s projects and handmade holiday gift ideas, check out the series on at!

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