Ken Wingard is getting into the holiday spirit by turning an ordinary chair into a festive piece of furniture.


  • Chair
  • Plywood
  • Utility knife
  • Drill
  • Wood posts
  • L-brackets
  • Wood brackets
  • Corbels
  • Wood appliques


1. Remove chair seat. Overturn chair upside down and unscrew. Set aside seat cushion for later.

2. Remove chair back cushion as well. Use your utility knife to cut out the cushion and don't worry about the ragged fabric edges left dangling (as this won't be seen upon completion).

3. Attach oversized chair back using a piece of plywood screwed into front of your chair back. This plywood should be raised a bit from the seat to allow space for the seat cushion to be reattached later.

4. Add post brackets (pre-drill and glue) along side.

5. Attach side wood posts to the side of your chair. Attach wood brackets to the side of your chair. Drill and use wood glue.

6. Drill a shelf L bracket along side.

7. Add wood corbels to bottom of chair.

8. Glue wood appliqué on top and along sides of chair.

9. Cover cushions with red velvet fabric using staple gun.

10. Use heavy duty Velcro to adhere to chair.

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