A Paige Hemmis DIY.


  • Plank Boards (can get at craft store)
  • A cute hook (robe hooks in the bath section of a hardware store work the best)
  • Mason jars (or any other cute jars that will hold a candle)
  • Screw gun
  • Black thick wire
  • Candles
  • Wood Stain (optional)


1.  Take your plank boards at add a finish or stain that you would like.  Since I want mine to look rustic, I will be using a torch to burn the surface a little and adding a mahogany stain.  If you like the finish natural, you can skip this step and therefore the materials associated with it.

2.  Attach your hooks to the board with the screws that come with the hook

3.  Take the wire and wrap it around your jar

4.  Hang the jar from the hook

5.  Add your favorite candle and voila!

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