DIY Rustic Advent Calendar

Ken Wingard shows how to make an elegant nature inspired advent calendar.


  • Long stick, cleaned
  • Ribbons
  • Paper mache gift boxes
  • Scrap paper (w/ stylized numbers)
  • Hot glue


  1. Find a long (non-poisonous) branch of a tree, ideally something that reminds you of Christmas. Clean the branch with soap and water and allow to dry. Clear it of any leaves and sticks across the middle.
  2. Tie 25 ribbons from the top of the branch and let them hang down.
  3. Cut out your letters 1-25 or the outside of the boxes and hang those in order. Then cut and glue the numbers 1-25 in a random order inside the boxes and close the lids.
  4. Glue the boxes in number order across the ribbons.

Each day, open a box to reveal a number on the inside of your boxes. That number should correlate to a present to open for the day!

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