A great way to have the privacy without blocking out the light.


  • Blinds
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric – you want 2 inches on each side
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Iron


1) Cut your fabric about 4 inches wider than your blinds.

2) Fold over the sides. Make sure that the fabric is 1/4 to 1/2 inch larger than your blinds. This is just to make sure your blinds don’t stick out the side of your fabric.

3) Run a thin line of fabric glue under the hem and run your fingers to smooth it out. Add a little extra glue if needed and keep pressing down and smoothing the hem until the entire hem is glued.

4) Take out the plugs, put aside

5) Loosen the knot

6) Remove the pull cord all the way to the top. That’s the one that raises and lowers the blind. It’s a thicker single cord.

7) Cut away the ladder cord. Pull ladder cord off blinds

8) Remove all slats and then decide how many folds you want and how far apart you want the folds.

9) Insert slats… we kept 3 slats and spaced them about 9 inches apart.

10) Reattach the bottom bar and secure pull cord by pulling it through the plugs, knotting it up again and reinserting the plugs.

11) Now you’re ready to attach your fabric to the blind. Glue the top bar to the fabric.

12) Use your tape measure to space each slat evenly apart and glue each with the convex side down. That’s the side that bumps out so that it will stick best to the fabric.

13) Make sure not to get any glue on the pull cord and that the fabric is smooth after gluing.

14) Glue down bottom bar

15) Let dry for 30 minutes

16) Hang it up!

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