Paige Hemmis taking wooden rolling pins and turning them into handy bookends.


  • Wood Rectangle Plaque measures 7-inch width by 9-inch height
  • Wooden Rolling Pins (4)
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Two (2) straight metal brackets at 6"
  • Painters tape
  • Copper Spray Paint (craft paint would work just fine)
  • Small drywall screws ¾" to attach the metal brackets
  • Larger drywall screws 1 ½" to attach the rolling pins to the base
  • Felt pad bumpers
  • Recipes
  • Screw gun
  • Saw


1. Cut the plaque in half.

2. Spray paint the plaque with the copper spray paint and set aside to dry

3. Cut the rolling pins at the desired height you would like. I’m cutting mine at 5” and 7”.

TIP: See what is in the middle of the rolling pin – could be metal. If you want to take off the tops of the pins and remove the middle, you can glue the tops back on the top. Remember, these rolling pins don’t need to roll anymore!

4. Use the painter’s tape to draw off lines on the handle.

5. Paint the tops with the copper spray paint and set aside to dry.

6. Remove the tape once dry.

7. Print out 4 recipes. These can be hand written or typed.

8. Add these recipes to the base of each rolling pin using mod podge.

9. Attach the metal brackets to the base bottoms. These will extend past the plaques, but it provides stability under the books, so don’t worry if they stick out.

10. Mark where you would like your pins to stand, and drill through the bottom plaque and screw in your longer screws underneath into the pins.

11. While your plaque is turned over, add the felt pad bumpers. This serves a couple of purposes – it doesn’t scratch your counter surface, and it elevates the plaque to account for the metal brackets.

12. Add your favorite cook books and enjoy your lovely new kitchen décor!


1. Make this personal – take your favorite recipes and attach those to the rolling pins.2. You can make these any color that match your kitchen, or add a pop of color to your existing kitchen palette.

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