Maria Provenzano is getting for wedding season with this DIY.
DIY Ring Bearer Box
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Round Box Ring Holder

  • round wooden hinge box
  • white paint and gold paint
  • Paint pens
  • polyfill
  • pretty fabric
  • thin ribbon
  • needle and thread
  • paint brush

"Mr. & Mrs" Ring Box

  • small, flat, wood box
  • wood stain
  • paint pen
  • moss
  • glue


Round Box Holder

  1. Paint the outside of the box as desired; allow to dry completely.
  2. Create the pillow for the inside of the box by cutting the fabric into a circle; sizing will depend on the size of container you have, for a small one, a 7 inch diameter circle should be good.
  3. Do a running stitch with your needle and thread, creating large stitches, all around the circle.
  4. Place some polyfill in the center of the circle, then pull the thread to tighten the thread; this should cause the circle to gather and create a small pillow.
  5. Stitch across the bottom and secure with a double knot to hold in the polyfill.
  6. Flip over, as the smooth size will be the top, and sew a piece of ribbon into the center of the pillow; is will secure the ribbons once they are on.
  7. Simply place the pillow into the box.
  8. Use a paint pen to write whatever you like on the top and in the top of the container.

"Mr. & Mrs" Ring Box

  1. Stain the entire box with the wood stain; allow to dry completely.
  2. Use a paint pen to write whatever you like on the top and in the top of the box.
  3. Use glue to add the moss into the bottom of the box, this is where you will lay the rings, so you want to make sure it is filled nicely.
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