DIY Repurposing Chandelier Into Planters

"The Plant Lady" Marlene Simon is showing you how to make your own chandelier planters.


  • Chandelier
  • Wire clippers
  • Cactus soil mix
  • Wire mesh
  • Succulents
  • Spray paint white chalk color
DIY Chandelier Planter - Home & Family


1. First, using your wire cutter, remove all electrical elements from the chandelier. This will include all lightbulbs and wires. Also remove the decorative glass elements from the chandelier.

2. Once wires are pulled, clean with water and dry

3. Spray paint outside, let dry

4. After the paint had dried, start potting plants

5. Add wire mesh inside chandelier holders

6. Add cactus soil mix

7. Attach succulent’s cuttings into soil

8. Do not water right away

9. Hang indoors or outside

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