Actress Renee Lawless is back and showing you how to recycle old tea tins and turn them into useful containers.


  • Tea, Soup and Tuna Tins
  • Goo Be Gone
  • Plastic Spatula or scraper
  • Spray Chalk paint
  • Stencils
  • Paint for stencils/lettering
  • Chalk , Chalk Marker/pen as needed
  • Stencil sponge brush
  • Knobs to tins ( optional)


1. Soup can and tuna can wrappers come off easier than tea tins, but the prep is similar. You will need to peel and soak tins for about 10-30 minutes depending in warm soapy water. Peel off residue with a fine tip plastic spatula. Dry off. Coat cans with Goo be Gone for about 5 minutes and then scrape off excess glue.

2. Chalk spray paint (or Matte) is better than paint brushing (I learned the hard way).

3. Spray 2 coats. Let dry for …..
- Using Stencils with Chalk Paint or Chalk marker , write Scissors, Forks, Knives, etc.

4. For tuna cans just take off wrapper and add thread all the way around the can using hot glue. Add candle.

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