Ken Wingard is getting inspired by Hallmark Channel's "When Calls the Heart" with these DIYs.

Materials for Milk Can Side Table

  • Milk Can
  • Large Plywood Round
  • Small Round Wood Craft Plaque (Just Smaller Than Opening Of Milk Can)
  • Paint (O Color For Large Plywood Round, One For Stencil Pattern)
  • Stencil Pattern
  • Glue

Materials for Milk Can Bird Bath

  • Milk Can
  • Galvanized Tray
  • Glue Gun
  • Stones & Water

Materials for Milk Can Vase

  • Milk Can
  • Large Plastic Container/Pot (Container shout be wider than the Milk Can opening at the top, and smaller at the bottom)
  • Stencil
  • Spray Paint for Milk Can (We used Navy Blue)
  • Spray Paint Paint for Stencil (We used White)
  • Burlap strip for Bow
  • Flowers (Fake or Real)
DIY Repurposed Milk Cans - Home & Family

Directions for Milk Can Side Table

1. Paint large wood round a solid color
2. Paint stencil with a similar, but darker color
3. Attach Small Round Wood Craft Plaque to bottom center of large wood round with glue gun.
4. Set on can (you do not need to glue onto can, small wood round craft plaque should keep top in place).

Directions for Milk Can Bird Bath

1. Add a Layer of Glue to Top lip of Milk Can.
2. Fill with rocks and Water

Directions for Milk Can Vase

1. Spray Paint Milk Can Solid Color
2. Spray Paint Stencil
3. Wrap Burlap Strip around Milk Can Top and Tie Bow
4. Place Container/Pot inside Top of Milk Can. (The top of container should be just wider than the top of the Milk can so it fits snug inside
5. Add flowers.

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