Paige Hemmis is taking an ordinary garden hose and showing you how to turn it into a stylish outdoor rug.


  • Recycled (or previously used) garden hose (1 – 3 depending on how large you would like to make it)
  • Zip ties
  • Small PVC
  • Super glue
  • Wire cutters or garden sheers
DIY Recycled Hose Outdoor Rug - Home & Family


1. Cut off both ends of the hose and discard.

2. Take one end of the hose and wrap it tightly around itself in a circular motion.

3. Keep going around until you have a couple of rows.

4. Secure two rows at a time with zip ties. Make sure that all of your zip ties are facing the
same way, since that will be the underside of rug.

5. Continue this until you’ve coiled an entire rope.

6. If you would like to add an additional hose, follow step one and use a small PVC pipe piece
inside both ends of the hoses secured with super glue.

7. Continue this process until you have the desired length and diameter you would like for
your rug.

8. Place it outdoors and enjoy!

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