Make a perfect nook under $15.


  • 1x1 1/2" (6 each 8ft) of wood
  • Twine
  • Gold or silver tacks or push pins
  • Quick Dry Fabric Fusion Fabric Glue
  • Scrap fabric and lace
  • Drill
  • Scissors

Step 1 

Lay out your 6 wooden posts and drill a hole in the center of each about one foot down from the top.

Step 2
Thread the twine through all 6 pieces then place into a tee pee position. You’ll need another person to help. Much easier that way! Keep wrapping over and under until the structure stands stringing its own.

Step 3

Then lay out fabrics, tacks, hammer and glue 

Step 4

Rip fabric into pieces large enough to start wrapping ground the tee pee from post to post securing the fabric with tacks. You can punch them in quite a bit with your hands but a hammer works great too.

Step 5

This piece of fabric was big enough to wrap along a few posts

Step 6

Keep doing the same thing going all the way to the floor on all sides

Step 7

Finish off with trim or fabric gathered to make drapes 

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