Maria Provenzano has a kid-friendly DIY using a cereal box, paint, file fasteners and a one-hole punch.


  • Cereal Box
  • Paint
  • File Fasteners
  • 1-Hole Punch
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1) Cut the cereal boxes into 4 strips that are 12.5 inches long and 3/4 inch wide

2) Paint the strips desired colors

3) Place three on top of each other and place one of the fasteners through the holes at one end

4) With the fastener facing up, fan out the strips

5) Take on strip and bring the bottom end to the fastener and poke it through, repeat with the other two pieces making sure they placed over the previous one

6) Once all three are through the fastener, close the fastener

7) This will create a "ball" shape

8) Use another fastener at the bottom of the ball through the pre-punched holes to secure the shape

9) Use the hole punch to punch one hole on one side of the sphere and then another directly across from that

10) Attach the last strip with the fastener and wrap it around the sphere until it goes all the way around to the same fastener and place the hole through the fastener

11) On the opposite side, add another fastener to the premise hole directly across from the other one

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